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released October 12, 2015



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Sparse Christchurch, New Zealand

Sparse is a four piece rock, pop and blues band from Christchurch, New Zealand. Its members are Mark Toomer, Chris Guerin, Thomas Harre and David Harre.

The songs on this page are from their debut album, recorded at Nightshift (and Tandem) Studios. All songs were written by Mark Toomer except Going home, which was written by Mark Toomer and Thomas Harre.
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Track Name: Going home
I’m going home. I’m getting closer every day.
I’m going home, despite what some may say.
If you meet me at the intersection,
Then I know I’ll find my way.

Lost in the city, I can’t feel my aching feet.
Lost in the city, must have pounded every street.
Did I hear you calling me?
Please don’t give up on me.
Track Name: Take me back
I’m out on the road and I’m feeling alone.
I turn the stereo on.
Something reaches inside where I usually hide
As I play my favourite songs.
Yes, I’m floating on steel and the beast is purring along.

We’ve got the screaming machine:
He’s singing the blues as if he’s gonna go insane.
And the axeman’s bending and hammering steel
Trying to exorcise the pain.
And the rhythm boys are pumping out the beat
Like a runaway train.

Take me back, take me back,
Take me back to where it all began.
Take me back, take me back.
Take me, take me back.
Track Name: Bedraggled housewife blues
It’s 8 o’clock Monday morning;
I’m already feeling half-dead.
The kids are running riot;
There’s a ton of washing hanging over my head.
I can’t take it any longer:
I’m going straight back to bed.
What am I gonna do with these bedraggled housewife blues?

The old man’s off his rocker.
He’s gonna rant and rave for days.
His boss gave him the boot, now.
He’s in an alcoholic haze.
We’re gonna be on the streets soon.
Now I need any job that pays.
What am I gonna do with these bedraggled housewife blues?

So I’m heading to Aussie for good.
I’ll send a postcard from the plane.
That’s what I’m gonna do with these bedraggled housewife blues.
Track Name: Free
So that was goodbye.
You left without a word to me,
No note that said why.
Was it a longing to be free?

You loved so much,
Lived for the moments that were free,
And cherished the touch
Of the wind on your face and the summer sea.

Once the path was so clear;
Sun and fun were your guiding lights.
Then they all disappeared:
You were lost in the strangest night.

I've waited for you
Days and years without a sign.
No, I still can't believe
You're really gone; you've crossed the line.
Track Name: I want to fly
Stuck in this hole, head in my hands,
Darkness choking all I feel.
Should I look up, search for sunlight,
Be the man I want to be?

I want to fly, I want to fly, I want to fly up there.
Come lift me up; take my hand.
Come lift me up and help me fly.

I’ve waited so long, done what I was told.
Believing bad would turn to good.
Now I can’t wait any longer.
I’m learning how I’m going to soar.
Track Name: Little angel
Angel, little angel,
You’re my angel, my little angel,
Your home is in the heavens,
Your home is in the heavens,
My little angel.

Baby, precious baby,
You’re my baby, my precious baby,
You’re gone but not forgotten,
Gone but not forgotten,
My precious baby.

I can’t let you go. I can’t let you go.
I won’t let you go, let you go, let you go.
Your home is in the heavens,
Your home is in the heavens,
Your home is in the heavens, my little angel.

And you’re gone but not forgotten,
You’re gone but not forgotten,
Yes, you’re loved, and you’ll never be forgotten.
My precious baby, my little angel,
My precious baby, my little angel.
Track Name: Lonely hearts
When I looked into your eyes,
I’m not sure what I could see.
Was it emptiness or love?
I wonder what you thought of me.

On the beach in the scorching summers,
I was searching for a friend.
You were watching but never seeing.
I thought those days would never end.

Lonely hearts, lonely hearts, lonely hearts say goodbye.

I tried to hold my arms out to you.
We didn’t know what to do.
I looked for meaning in your words.
Maybe that’s what you did too.

As I spread my wings and stumbled,
Sometimes you would break my fall.
But as I said goodbye, I wondered:
Had we shared our lives at all?
Track Name: Late in the evening
Late in the evening is the time I like the best.
Late in the evening, that’s the time I like the best.
That’s when I listen for my heartbeat and I lay my soul to rest.

Peace in the night-time, with the stars outside shining in.
Peace in the night-time, with the stars shining in.
I lie here waiting for the moment when the nightmares begin.

You know, you cut me deeply;
I was bleeding with nowhere to run.
You know, you cut me deeply;
I was bleeding, bleeding with no place to run.
Now I’m dying every day, but you don’t know what you’ve done.
Yes, I’m still dying every day, but you still don’t know what you’ve done.
Track Name: You'll never die
In the cool of the springtime,
I think of how it used to be:
The fun we had together
Is left to the memory.
In the heat of the summer,
I sweat as I anguish why
You had so little time with me.
Can’t let the memory die.

You’ll never die.
You’ll never die.
You know, sometimes I wonder
Does he really care?
What is my future?
Is someone standing near?
But if there’s one thing I know
About the life that’s out there, it’s that …
You’ll never die.
You’ll never die.

Now, I believe that he made us
And lived with us here on earth.
He’s in the roll of the thunder
And present at each baby’s birth.
But still questions linger;
They gnaw inside my heart.
Why do these things happen
That rip our lives apart,
Rip our lives apart?
But …

You’ll never die ….
Track Name: Speak to me
Oh, pick me up in this burning desert,
And fill my cup so I can carry on.
I want so much to feel your love around me.
And can you touch the dryness deep inside?

Speak to me: tell me that you love me.
Whisper, yeah, what I need to know.
Call my name; tell me I’m your child
Promise me you’ll never let me go.

Oh, shine your light as the shadows lengthen.
Burn through the night until I ‘m finally home.
I want so much to see your love within me.
And can you touch the darkness deep inside?
Track Name: Dreaming
You’re standing close to me,
And you’re telling me that you care.
You’re reaching out your arms,
But I can’t touch your reality.

Can you see me in the darkness?
Can you feel my beating heart?
I will find you some day.
I will hold you, hold you once again.

I am waiting and longing
For the day that’s going to come,
When we’ll be together
In the presence of the one.

Now, the years have slipped behind us.
You’ve moved on and I have let you go.
We are where we are,
But still I want to be with you.